New single looking for a perfect match for myself
Love is a mysterious feeling as you tend to look right through the mistakes of your loved one thinking it could be “Just a misunderstanding”. It is tough to handle the truth of what you thought was a match made in heaven was not even meant for you. When it blossoms, you’re on cloud nine but when you see it’s not as rosy as it looks like, you understand you’ve been walking on a bed of nails all this while; so it is obvious to hurt you. Breakup, no matter who asked for it or whose fault it might be, is almost always an injury to your self esteem. How did your relationship go wrong, you ask yourself, and even if you are sure it was your boyfriend’s fault, you may blame yourself as well. Relationships are tough to handle for some and for others it’s even worse when it ends. If you’re suffering from a painful heartbreak, take comfort in the fact that you at least had a chance to experience love at its purest best, even if it didn’t last as long as you wanted it to. Whether the breakup was a complete shock or long in the making; chances are that you are now left feeling less-than-great about it. And maybe you’re harbouring some pretty strange thoughts in this heart-wrenching phase. It’s a new phase in life when you’ve left behind a history of romance, commitments and betrayal. You are going through a set of mixed emotions of being both happy and sad together but don’t convince yourself never to fall in love again. “A New Single” is feeling like a new born. It’s a new beginning; where your hopes are high to find your perfect match and not falling into the same trap again. But you don’t have to fall in love immediately after a break up, and also don’t wait forever. Fresh out of breakups, we don’t want to miss out a single opportunity to find love; but you shouldn’t just jump from one relationship to another as more dating mean more risks. If you want to be in love again then wait, think twice and then move forward. You can’t just force yourself to be in love as that might worsen the situation and thicken the troubles. It is important to accept that your old relationship is history. The foremost question to ask yourself is if you are ready for it or not... Firstly redeem yourself and get back on your feet as soon as you can. Socialize and meet your friends and make space for new ones. The best way to get over a break up and prepare yourself to fall in love again is by learning to bring the excitement back into your life. Don’t go looking around desperately for love, instead just meet new people and see if you like spending time with them. Once you see all the nice, attractive people who are eager to be with you, you’ll feel good about yourself. When you were in a relationship, you couldn’t express interest in someone else but that’s not the case anymore. Keeping in mind the flaws your ex had, you learn from it and use it as an experience to make yourself a better chooser of partners. At times, you may also be specifically looking for someone who reminds you of your ex, just so you can feel complete again. But you have to be sure if you are want your love to be customized or are you prepared to be surprised. You should be sure about what you really want for the future. You need to know if that person has the qualities keeping your interest alive in him. As you lower your boundaries it leaves you vulnerable to people that sense that need and take advantage of it so take your time because you don’t want to be wrong again. As they say, there are plenty of other fishes in the sea so keep the dating more casual at first, which is wise, rather than jumping right into a deep, meaningful, long-term relationship. Give it some time for the true colours to reveal themselves out in the open. Don’t set your expectations high as love is something that is going to come when you are ready, not when you demand it. Go with your instinct, don’t overanalyse. Let love happen from both sides; don’t force yourself onto someone just because you are ready for it! The love of your life is out there, and it is just a matter of time. That individual will walk right into your life when you’re having the best time of your life. And who knows, you might actually find your Perfect Match.